The client was a large international bank (its branch in Poland). It is an universal bank, offering everyday banking services, such as personal accounts and credit cards, saving sor loans, as well as products of leasing, investment and insurance. The bank, which was the beneficiary of the project, has an extensive network of own branches and partner facilities throughout Poland. It is one of the most innovative banks in Poland, strongly advanced in Electronic banking and with the digital evolution approach.

What kind of solution did the client expect?

Streamlining and automating the processing of individual customer cash loan applications, the so-called “One-click loan” – a quick and simple process for the customer, without leaving home, from the bank’s mobile and web application.

What was the work schedule like?

After the workshops, we conducted a system analysis phase, where we designed the solution and services that were then made available to the client. It was up to us how this process would proceed, so we had to do the analysis first. After the analysis and design phase, we started the development of our work. Finally, integration tests were conducted, and implementation took place.

Proposed ideas and solutions

Integration of all banking services necessary to carry out the cash loan application process on the webMethods bus, which enables efficient error handling, the ability to restore the operation of a process in the place where the error occurred, KPI measurement, etc.

WHAT technologies were used?

The business process that integrated all banking services and provided a proper loan application process was implemented on the webMethods Business Process Management System(BPMS). In addition, we integrated with other banking systems (e.g. informing about abandoning the application by the client and the possibility of generating a marketing campaign) using JMS queues (webMethods Universal Messaging). The client communication (UI) with the process was carried out by calling SOAP services provided by the process. Each client application was stored in a database (Oracle) of the application storing various types of client applications (application in Java, SpringBoot).


An automated process for applying for a cash loan without the customer leaving the home. The possibility to measure the number of applications (completed vs abandoned) and analyze the bank offer’s attractiveness.


1 Project Manager
1 IT Architect
4 Developers
1 IT Analyst
1 IT Tester


12 months