Kafka Managed Service

Inteca’s Apache Kafka Managed Service – Your Partner for Robust Stream Data Management

Inteca’s Apache Kafka Managed Service offers a fully managed, highly available Apache Kafka service designed to efficiently manage and process your real-time data needs. With our service, you can readily eliminate operational overhead, maintain highly available Apache Kafka clusters, and deploy applications using native AWS, GCP, Azure integrations, all while keeping costs low with our affordable pay-as-you-go pricing.


Unleash the Benefits of Inteca’s Apache Kafka Managed Service

Streamlined Kafka Infrastructure Management

We handle the provisioning, configuration, and maintenance of your Apache Kafka clusters, freeing up your IT resources.

Compatibility and Integration

Our service supports applications and tools built for Apache Kafka, requiring no code changes, and can easily be integrated with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Cost-Efficient Solution

With our competitive pricing, enjoy a fully managed Apache Kafka service for as low as 1/5 the cost of other providers.

Real-Time Data Processing

Ingest and process log and event streams in real-time, capturing digital changes across your applications and business infrastructure.

Secure and Compliant Deployments

Deploy secure, compliant, and production-ready applications with our service that upholds strict security and compliance requirements.

High Elastic Scalability

With our service, scale your cluster capacity automatically and handle any workload demand 10x faster and easier.

High Availability

Benefit from our 99.99% uptime SLA, ensuring your data streams flow uninterrupted.

Low Latency Data Streams

Our service promises predictable low latency, enhancing real-time analytics and customer experiences.

Comprehensive Connector Support

Connect to and from any app & system with 70+ fully managed connectors we provide.

Simplified Stream Processing

Quickly build and deploy stream processing apps & pipelines with SQL syntax.

Enhanced Data Governance

We offer governance for data in motion, helping you discover, understand, and trust your data streams.

Robust Language Support

Work in the language of your choice. We support Java, C, Python, Node.js, Ruby, and more.

Multi-Cloud Support

Provision our Kafka Managed Service across multiple clouds and on-premise for seamless data integration.

Managed Apache Kafka Anywhere

Enjoy the luxury of a fully managed Apache Kafka service across 60+ regions on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Event-Driven Applications

Ideal for event-driven applications, our service enables near-real-time data transfer and data pipelines.

Embrace the future of data management with Inteca’s Kafka Managed Service.

Contact us today to learn how we can transform your real-time data processing capabilities.

Simplifying Apache Kafka with Inteca’s Kafka Managed Service

The complexity of Setting Up and Configuring Apache Kafka Clusters

With Inteca’s fully managed service, we take on the heavy lifting of establishing your Kafka infrastructure, making it a breeze to get started.

The Necessity for DevOps Expertise

Our service is designed to be DevOps-friendly, minimizing the need for dedicated DevOps teams.

Time-Consuming Maintenance of Kafka Clusters

Inteca’s team of experts works around the clock to ensure the optimal performance of your clusters, leaving your team free to focus on business-critical tasks.

Ensuring High Availability and Scalability

Our fully managed service includes automatic scaling and failover mechanisms to ensure your Kafka clusters are always available and performant.

Ensuring Disaster Recovery

Our managed Kafka service includes automated failover and replication for high availability and disaster recovery.

Expensive and Complex Cloud Subscriptions

Our service offers a super-transparent pricing model with no hidden fees or charges.

Integrating with Observability Tooling

Inteca facilitates integration with your favourite observability tools for easy tracking and analytics.

Maintaining a Central Repository for Schemas

With our Sparx Enterprise Architect Kafka plugin, you can manage your schemas from a central repository.

Scaling Based on Web/Mobile Traffic or Device Requirements

Our managed service adjusts easily to your growing demands, maintaining optimum performance.

Scope Creep and Time to Implement

With our managed Kafka service, implementation is quick, efficient, and focused.

Staying Updated with Kafka Features

Inteca ensures your Kafka managed service is always up to date with the latest features and security patches, mitigating the risk associated with lagging behind on updates.

Difficult Integration with Existing Tech Stacks

With over 70+ connectors provided, our service ensures smooth integration of Kafka with your current tech stacks.

Managed Managing and Monitoring Logs and Metrics

Inteca’s Kafka managed service provides comprehensive logs and metrics out of the box for easy monitoring and troubleshooting.

Managing Capacity During Event Spikes

Inteca’s Kafka service automatically scales to handle any amount of data, ensuring seamless performance during high-traffic periods.

Managing Downtime During Maintenance and Upgrades

With Inteca, you’ll benefit from automatic updates and upgrades with minimal interruptions or downtime.

Continuous Support

We offer 24/7 and 100% human support, ready to assist whenever you need it.

Implementing Event Messaging Across Existing Services

Our managed cloud event streaming platform for Kafka effortlessly handles this for you.

Deploying, Scaling, Logging, and Monitoring

Inteca handles all these tasks so you can focus on your core business functions.

Ensuring Compatibility with Open Source Apache Kafka

Inteca’s Kafka managed service guarantees compatibility with open-source Apache Kafka, preventing vendor lock-in scenarios.

Ensuring Adequate Security

We adopt industry best practices for security to keep your data safe and compliant with regulations.

Simplify your Apache Kafka management with Inteca’s Kafka Managed Service.

Enjoy the benefits of a fully managed service, enhanced by our team of experts, automated scaling, seamless integration, and comprehensive support. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a demo.

Harness the Power of Apache Kafka with Inteca’s Comprehensive Managed Services

Inteca’s Kafka Managed Service

A fully managed service that takes care of all Apache Kafka® operational tasks. This includes the provision and deployment of Apache Kafka clusters, ensuring you can focus on your core business activities.

Seamless Cloud Integration

Our managed Apache Kafka service integrates effortlessly with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, providing a seamless experience in multi-cloud environments.

Real-time Streaming Capabilities

With Apache Kafka’s powerful streaming features, we facilitate real-time data processing and event-driven architecture in your business operations.

24/7 Cluster Monitoring

We ensure the Kafka clusters are highly available with 24/7 monitoring. Unhealthy nodes are replaced automatically, maintaining the robustness of your Kafka infrastructure.

Advanced Connector Support

Our service supports numerous Apache Kafka Connectors, enabling you to stream data across various applications and services within your infrastructure.

Compliance and Security

We prioritize your data’s security, offering encryption at rest and in transit, alongside strict adherence to compliance measures such as SOC2 and ISO27001/2.

Kubernetes Support

Our managed Kafka services are compatible with Kubernetes deployments, allowing for efficient container orchestration and increased scalability.


Our managed Kafka service automatically scales up and down based on your application’s demand, ensuring you always have the right amount of resources.

Robust API Support

We provide comprehensive API support that makes it easy to integrate our Kafka managed service within your existing applications and systems.

Key Performance Metrics

We provide you with key Kafka performance metrics, equipping you with valuable insights into your streaming data pipeline.

Customizable Configurations

We understand that every business is unique. Therefore, our Kafka service offers customizable configurations that cater to your specific needs.

Multi-AZ Replication

Our service includes Multi-AZ replication within an AWS Region for a highly available Apache Kafka cluster.

VPC Network Isolation

Our managed Kafka service ensures VPC network isolation, offering an extra layer of security.

IAM for Control-Plane API Authorization

We leverage Keycloak IAM for control-plane API authorization, further enhancing the security of your Apache Kafka clusters.

Expert Kafka Support

Our team of experts provides round-the-clock support, assisting you with any queries or issues that you may encounter.

Fully Compatible

Our service is fully compatible with existing Apache Kafka applications, requiring no changes to your application code.

Automatic Provisioning

Our Kafka Managed Service automatically provisions Apache Kafka clusters, eliminating the operational overhead.

High Availability

We ensure the high availability of your Apache Kafka clusters to guarantee uninterrupted data processing and streaming.

Cost-Efficient Pricing

Our pay-as-you-go pricing model keeps costs low, providing you with a budget-friendly solution.

Experience the transformation of your event data management with Inteca’s Kafka Managed Service.

Contact us for more information or to schedule a demo.

Unveiling Unique Selling Points of Inteca’s Kafka Managed Service

Managed Kafka Service

Our managed service for Apache Kafka® is a completely streamlined solution, freeing your teams from the operational overhead of managing and maintaining Kafka clusters.

Uncompromised Compatibility

Inteca’s service requires no code alterations for applications and tools designed to work with open source Apache Kafka out of the box, ensuring seamless integration.

Elastic Scalability

With Inteca, your Kafka cluster capacity automatically scales to meet demand, perfect for event-driven environments where workloads fluctuate.

Cloud-Native Integrations

Our Kafka managed service easily deploys on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, bringing you secure, compliant, and production-ready applications.

Competitive Pricing

Our pay-as-you-go pricing model keeps your costs low, with rates as low as 1/5 the cost of other providers, making it ideal for companies with fluctuating data needs.

Real-time Processing

Ingest and process log and event streams in real time with our fully managed Apache Kafka service, unlocking the potential of real-time analytics.

Advanced Data Insights

Use Grafana, Prometheus, Open Telemetry, and Apache Zeppelin for deriving insights from data streams in milliseconds, supporting faster, data-driven decision-making.

Digital Response

Ingest and respond to digital changes across your applications and business infrastructure in real time, enabling prompt reaction to business events.

High Availability

Our Kafka managed service offers guaranteed resiliency with a 99.99% uptime SLA and multi-AZ clusters, ensuring your data is accessible whenever needed.

Low Latency

Experience low latency for real-time analytics and customer experiences, perfect for high-performance computing applications.

Broad Connector Support

With 70+ fully managed connectors, our Kafka service can easily connect to and from any app or system, easing your data integration tasks.

Stream Processing with SQL

Our Kafka service supports stream processing applications and pipelines using SQL syntax, simplifying complex data operations.

Robust Security

Our Kafka managed service fulfils enterprise-grade security and compliance requirements, ensuring your data is always protected and your operations remain compliant.

Hybrid Deployment

We support hybrid deployment for on-prem and private cloud workloads, unifying data across clouds and hybrid environments with real-time syncing clusters.

Multiple Programming Languages

Our Kafka service supports multiple programming languages, offering flexibility for your development team.

Comprehensive Support

With over 10 support years of Kafka expertise, we offer easy access to data streaming expertise via our support services.

Proactive Monitoring and Support

Our team provides 24/7/365 proactive monitoring and support for all Kafka services, ensuring your data pipeline operates smoothly without disruptions.

Tailored Kafka Infrastructure

With Inteca’s Kafka Managed Service, you can focus on your business needs while we handle the Kafka infrastructure according to your specific needs.

If you’re ready to experience a fully managed, highly available, and secure Kafka service that can seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure, contact Inteca today.

Enjoy peace of mind with our expert team handling all aspects of your Kafka needs, from deployment to maintenance, all while keeping costs low with our competitive pricing. Let’s explore how we can help you unleash.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Kafka managed service is a fully-managed, cloud-based service that allows you to use Apache Kafka without the need to manage, maintain, or provision Kafka infrastructure yourself. It handles all the complexities of setting up and running Kafka clusters, providing high availability, reliability, and scalability.

Kafka Managed Service works by hosting and managing Kafka clusters on your behalf. It automates the setup, scaling, monitoring, and maintenance of the Kafka infrastructure, allowing you to focus on leveraging the power of Apache Kafka for real-time stream data processing.

A Kafka managed service offers several benefits including reduced operational overhead, automatic scaling, high availability, security, support, compatibility with other open-source tools, and cost efficiency. It also provides you with the opportunity to focus on your core business rather than managing Kafka infrastructure.

A Kafka managed service differs from a self-hosted Kafka cluster in that all aspects of the infrastructure, including setup, scaling, maintenance, and monitoring are handled by the service provider, freeing you from the complexities and overheads associated with managing it yourself.

You should look for features like easy setup and deployment, automatic scaling, high availability, robust security measures, wide-ranging connector support, compatibility with major cloud providers (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure), real-time stream data processing, and comprehensive support.

The cost of a Kafka managed service can vary based on the provider, the number of nodes in your Kafka cluster, the amount of data processed, and additional features or services. It is advisable to contact the service provider for precise pricing information.

Yes, many Kafka managed services allow you to customize your setup to meet your specific requirements, including the number of nodes, the throughput capacity, and the choice of connectors.

Yes, comprehensive support is typically part of a Kafka managed service. This often includes 24/7 support, automated updates, and access to a team of Kafka experts.

Many providers offer a migration path to help you move from your existing Kafka deployment to their managed service. This generally involves setting up the new Kafka managed service, replicating your data, and then switching over your applications to use the new service.

Kafka managed services typically implement a range of security measures, including data encryption at rest and in transit, network isolation, access controls, and compliance with major security standards.

Yes, Kafka managed services often provide broad connector support and compatibility with a wide range of tools and services for processing, analyzing, and visualizing your data.

The uptime guarantee varies depending on the provider but most offer high availability and failover mechanisms to ensure your Kafka service is always available.


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