Inteca Cloud Enterprise Architect

Elevate quality of Your Enterprise architect experience with cloud based solution

Inteca Cloud EA is a solution that draws on the enormous possibilities of cloud solutions to facilitate the creation and management of models of your products and organizations while retaining all the advantages of tool you already love. It speeds up the implementation time to a minimum and simplifies the management of the working environment.


Benefits of Inteca Cloud EA

Run EA from your browser – no installation required 

Run Enterprise Architect in your Web Browser without any installation or setup activities.  

Professional support 

If you have unique needs to configure a solution or face self-management challenges, use the support of an experienced team to help you find a solution.  

Easy migration from the current EA solution 

Easy transfer of current desktop-based solution models and configurations. Minimal or No downtime. 

On-premise or global cloud solutions 

Decide where your data will be stored. Public cloud or your Data Center. Global access from around the world through a Web Browser. 

Highly scalable 

Adjust the size of the solutions to your needs and easily expand them as your demand grows. 

Support for Inteca Plugins for EA 

Full support for all current Inteca tools without the need to change licenses.  

How to start?

  1. Click on “Get trial”
  2. Provide your information
  3. Using the link from email log into the DEMO environment

Are you interested in exploring the capabilities of the Inteca CloudEA?

If you’re considering using our services or would like more information, schedule a free consultation with us today!


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