Nuxeo platform is a digital asset management platform that helps businesses manage their content more effectively. It’s a scalable, cloud-based, or on-premises solution that can handle any number of documents with ease. At a time when every team and organization needs to manage vast volumes of paper, this is a tremendous boost for companies.

Document management went digital

These days, document management is essential for every team or organization that wants to get anything done. They are cranking out more and more content, and because most records are now stored digitally, they last far longer than they did in the paper era. When data isn’t centrally managed, it’s more likely that papers may go missing or even fall into the wrong hands.

The goal of a document management system is to streamline and, in many cases, automate the process of adhering to best practices in this area of business. In numerous ways, a company’s operations can be boosted by implementing a document management system.

Faster, more effective, and more secure methods of providing this functionality to businesses are becoming available as digitalization and cloud document management grow more widespread.

Local vs. cloud storage is no longer the case

Files can be kept in multiple ways. One of them is the cloud while the second option could be on-premise storage. However, while on-premises storage might be costly, cloud storage is typically significantly more cost-effective. Changing the amount of local storage is also a tedious and costly process.

Many businesses nowadays are considering making the switch from an on-premises DMS setup to a hybrid cloud one. For reasons of security and privacy, we must maintain certain of our files locally.

Using a combination of on-premises and cloud storage, companies may instantly increase or decrease the amount of available storage based on their current need. This helps save cash and guarantees that the company will never be without sufficient space for its documentation.

Introducing Nuxeo Platform – easily adapting to a new world

When it comes to content management, the Nuxeo platform is the cloud-based document management software that any organization needs. Nuxeo’s automatic scalability features make it simple for enterprises to reap the software’s many rewards, such as reduced expenses and improved productivity.

Users of Nuxeo don’t have to worry about manually adjusting their storage as the software can scale up or down to meet fluctuating demands. This guarantees that organizations will have adequate storage space accessible regardless of the quantity of data they are attempting to handle.

Nuxeo’s cloud – first approach lets businesses get the benefits of the cloud, such as reduced overhead and improved workflow. You may save a lot of money on infrastructure expenditures and still have easy access to all of your data by keeping it in the cloud and accessing it from any device, anywhere in the globe.

As an open-source project, the Nuxeo platform is available to anyone. Our services and software are licensed on a subscription basis. Access to our setup tool, Nuxeo Studio, the Nuxeo Marketplace, and associated connectors to other systems, and varying SLAs for technical support are all included in our pricing, which varies dependent on customer support and system requirements.

Nuxeo: how does it work

As a result of the central role that documents play in a variety of corporate procedures, the Nuxeo enterprise DMS system provides all of the features that one would anticipate seeing in an enterprise document management system.

  1. Workflow optimization is the practice of increasing productivity by automating and accelerating labor-intensive, time-consuming procedures.
  2. Users on the inside and outside of the company are able to access, share, and annotate documents with ease, making secure document collaboration nearly frictionless.
  3. While using Nuxeo it’s easy to connect content from many sources, including Office 365, Adobe, and Salesforce, and gives users the ability to access this content from any device, regardless of location.
  4. The Nuxeo platform also means the integration of modern capture technology as well as digital signatures
  5. There is also the capability to keep track of all modifications and to compare these versions to older ones, utilizing full audit trails for each and every form of content.
  6. It’s worth mentioning the capacity to make use of the advantages offered by cloud computing, specifically the reduction in the cost of using conventional ECM systems for document management. There are three deployment models available, including cloud, on-premise, and hybrid)
  7. Users can categorize papers differently for different departments, using information that is vital to each department, so that it is simple to retrieve the documents when needed.
  8. Thanks to the quick automation of core activities with a visual workflow architecture that includes integrated task and notification management, users won’t need to license any extra software to implement either simple or sophisticated procedures.
  9. Finally, it’s easy as pie to provide a document classification system that is both thorough and scalable, especially for content that is stored in legacy systems.

Nuxeo features

With the help of the Nuxeo enterprise DMS features, you may create apps more quickly, allowing your company to adapt to new circumstances and stay competitive.

Enterprise Search

Find the results you’re looking for fast and accurately on the very first try, every time. Even when there is heavy demand for the service, it should be able to quickly deliver results for both simple and sophisticated searches.


Efficiency is essential to the success of modern enterprises, and automation technologies for management and workflow enable that efficiency.

The analysis and representation of the data

It is able to perform real-time analysis on all data thanks to dashboards that are built right in, as well as show various categories of data.

API using REST

A comprehensive application programming interface (API) for integrating the DMS with the organization’s other systems.

Documents processing

It is possible to acquire and index whole texts inside the context of this function, in addition to producing thumbnails, performing views, and converting data. The user also has the ability to merge, alter, and create new PDF file templates.

Image handling

A few examples of the features of image management software include converting, rewriting, and applying effects such as blur, sharpening, and color. In addition to that, there is an option for managing photos as large as terapixels.

Video support

Image editing, conversion, and transformation capabilities are also included in this tool’s feature set. Users are afforded the opportunities to convert media, stabilize video, and draft storyboards.

Organize your notes with annotations

An annotation viewer that is fully compatible with the user interface of NuxeoWeb is provided to the user. This makes it incredibly simple to see files in formats such as PDF, as well as more than 300 picture types, as well as all versions of Microsoft Office documents, emails, and zip files. The solution is compatible with all web browsers, such as Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari, and it can be used on any device that is capable of running a web browser, such as desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

The benefits of using Nuxeo

As stated earlier, Nuxeo is a document management solution that can either be deployed on-premises or in the cloud, and it has scalability, robustness, and flexibility. Because of this, it is an excellent choice for companies of any size, as well as individuals that need to handle a significant quantity of documents.

Nuxeo’s unique architecture

The hybrid-cloud architecture that Nuxeo employs makes it simple to store and manage documents in both local and cloud storage. This gives you the ability to scale your resources up or down depending on business requirements. This is wonderful for companies that need to keep their files everywhere, but don’t want to give up their flexibility or their ability to customize their experience.


Because of the flexibility of its design, Nuxeo may be readily adapted to match your individual requirements. Users can add more features to their Nuxeo installation without slowing it down, because of the architecture’s design. This allows the platform to expand to meet the needs of growing businesses with ease. This makes it an excellent choice for companies that want a solution that is more tailored to their specific needs.

Hard to break and scalable

Nuxeo is an excellent option for businesses that need to handle a big number of documents due to its robustness and scalability. Nuxeo is good for businesses that require a solution that can be more specifically tailored to their needs. Nuxeo offers a straightforward clustering option for achieving scalability and high availability (HA). When using cluster mode, users can connect many Nuxeo server nodes to the same set of services. Taken as a whole, Nuxeo is a clear winner.

How Nuxeo can help your business

Nuxeo provides a system that is scalable, trustworthy, and secure for managing your content. You will be able to save money by using this method to manage your stuff, and you will have peace of mind knowing that you always have an adequate quantity of storage space available.

Because Nuxeo has the flexibility to dynamically scale your resources up or down based on your needs, you won’t have to manually adjust your storage space as you would have to do with other platforms.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and other industry-specific rules are fully met by Nuxeo. In addition, all of the prerequisites for compliance with various industry-specific regulations are met by Nuxeo.

Users are able to manage their content with a reasonable amount of simplicity from any location in the world, at any time of the day or night, all thanks to the straightforward user interface that Nuxeo provides.

Nuxeo: a remedy for your problems

The Nuxeo Platform is a collection of applications used to create, launch, and maintain sophisticated CMS applications. Horizontal document management platforms, enterprise-scale archival repositories, and mission-critical applications with a DAM or Case Management spin are all examples.

With its proven track record and cutting-edge technical design and software engineering capabilities, the Nuxeo Platform is an obvious choice for your project. It’s also important to emphasize developments like a more refined content repository, workflow, and content transformation.

Because of its open development design, extensive documentation, and clear product progression, the Nuxeo Platform is a breeze to become proficient with.