EAK8S the Enterprise Architect Plugin for Kubernetes Clusters

Use Enterprise Architect to Manage your Microservice Architecture on Kubernetes Clusters

EAK8S is an Enterprise Architect (EA) add-in specifically designed for managing and optimizing microservice architectures deployed on Kubernetes clusters. This tool serves as a bridge between the conceptual world of solution architecture and the practical realm of Kubernetes, a leading platform for automating deployment, scaling, and operations of application containers across clusters of hosts. 

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Streamline Kubernetes Deployment, Enhance Compliance, Uncover Insights

EAK8S, the Enterprise Architect Add-In, revolutionizes microservice architecture management by simplifying design-to-deployment processes, ensuring real-time synchronization, and providing deep architectural understanding.

Predefined Solution Architecture Templates

EAK8S offers predefined templates for microservice architectures, streamlining the initial design process. These templates provide a solid foundation, reducing the time and effort needed to create architecture models from scratch. 

Conversion to Kubernetes Deployment Templates

The tool enables the conversion of solution architecture models into Kubernetes deployment templates according to customizable generation templates. This feature allows feeding DevOps pipelines from Solution Architecture models, ensuring seamless transition from design to deployment and traceability of solution architecture to runtime components. 

Synchronization with Kubernetes Cluster State

EAK8S synchronizes solution architecture models with the current state of Kubernetes clusters. This synchronization is key to validating the completeness of solutions and conducting automatic compliance checks, ensuring that the runtime state adheres to a solution architecture.

Discovery of Actual Architecture Relationships

By examining the state of Kubernetes/OpenShift clusters in production, EAK8S uncovers the real-world relationships within the architecture. This insight is crucial for understanding the deployed environment and optimizing it effectively.

Identification of Missing Architecture Information

The tool assists in finding missing elements in the architecture by analyzing production workloads. This capability helps in identifying actual Application and Product dependencies out of underlying component dependencies. Effectively, the Architecture Views can be discovered from runtime state, allowing to identify gaps and update the architecture models.

Inference of Application Dependencies

EAK8S infers application dependencies by examining the interactions between components. This analysis is vital for understanding the complex web of dependencies in microservice architectures, enabling better management and optimization.


EAK8S is particularly beneficial for DevOps teams as it converts architecture models into deployment templates that feed directly into DevOps pipelines, enhancing workflow efficiency. It bridges the gap between IT/Solution Architecture teams and DevOps teams.

The tool examines component interactions within the Kubernetes cluster to infer application dependencies, providing a comprehensive view of the application ecosystem.

EAK8S is ideal for architects, DevOps teams, and IT professionals involved in designing, deploying, and managing microservice architectures on Kubernetes clusters.

Yes, EAK8S is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing Enterprise Architect models, enhancing their capabilities with Kubernetes-specific functionalities. What you need is to add specific tagged values to your components representing applications and components. 

Yes, EAK8S can analyze production workloads to identify elements that are missing, (i.e. that have not been implemented according to the design). It could also discover  components that have dependencies to applications and components designed in the model so that architecture views could  
potential improvements in your architecture, aiding in continuous development and optimization.

To begin using EAK8S, you can contact our sales or support team for installation guidance, licensing information, and comprehensive support throughout the integration process.


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