A universal bank that has been operating on the Polish market for nearly 20 years, and one of the most recommended banks in Poland. It operates in the area of retail, corporate, agricultural banking, small and medium enterprises banking and consumer finance. This bank is a part of the 10th largest financial group in the world, operating in 49 countries around the world and serving over 52 million customers every day.

The process of applying for an instalment loan for an individual customer

What kind of solution did the client expect in the loan process?

The client expected an automated process to sell installment loans to individual customers online — without leaving home. This process was launched on the websites of all partner stores after choosing the installment payment option via this particular client. Thanks to the automation of the process, the sale of the loan was to be streamlined and accelerated


Short decision-making time, online identification by means of a customer identification transfer for PLN 1, the loan issued to customers who attach scans of their ID cards only. The aim was to shorten the time of applying for a loan to 15 minutes on the customer side (the remaining processing time took place on the bank’s side and there was no need to engage the customer). The implementation of the webMethods platform enabled monitoring processes, measuring KPIs (number of submitted applications, percentage of rejected applications, those completed, etc.) and analyzing the attractiveness of the offer. Do you want to create a customized product for your needs?

What was the work-in-loan process schedule like?

The project was implemented in sprints, followed by a demo along with other bank suppliers. The analysis and development of the solution were carried out iteratively (sprint 1 —analysis of increment A, sprint 2 – implementation of increment A, analysis of increment B).

What technologies were used in to loan process?

The process that integrated all banking services and ensured the proper course of applying for an installment loan was carried out on the webMethods (BPMS). As a result, we were also able to publish data necessary for measuring client-defined KPIs (webMethods Optimize). Applications submitted by the customer were stored in a domain created for this purpose (Java, SpringBoot, Oracle DB). We have created fronted in JSF Primefaces technology. These tasks were defined and available to users on MWS (webMethods). Communication with other services and the process with the client was carried out using SOAP services.


Process automation; Reducing the number of loan application steps to 4, and the time to issue a decision – less than 3 minutes; Very short time of completing the application by the customer – less than 15 minutes; The capability to monitor and measure the effectiveness of the process and the attractiveness of the offer.


1 Project Manager
1 IT Architect
1 IT Analyst
5 Developers
1 IT Tester


6 months