The client was a large international bank (its branch in Poland). It is a universal bank, offering everyday banking services, such as personal accounts and credit cards, saving loans, as well as products of leasing, investment and insurance. The bank, which was the beneficiary of the project, has an extensive network of own branches and partner facilities throughout Poland. It is one of the most innovative banks in Poland, very advanced in electronic banking.



The existing process of granting installment loan did not give customers the opportunity to purchase a product in installments over the Internet without their physical presence in the branch office in order to complete the formalities. A client was only able to simulate installments and check the terms of granting a loan. In order to change this state, there was a desire to automate the process of granting installment loan by implementing a modern and customer-friendly process of installment loan sale over the Internet. The process was required to enable obtaining installment loan even in 15 minutes, without the customer having to leave his or her desk and without a traditional form of signature. For this purpose, a decision was made to automate the process using the WebMethods BPMS technology already used in the bank. Along with the technology, a user interface was provided to help verify the client’s application, a customer authorization service was created and the process was integrated with an external payment system.


Automation of the process of granting installment loan primarily influenced the reduction of processing time of each application from the moment a client completed the application to issuing the final decision. Thanks to cooperation between analysts from Inteca and target users, we managed to create a platform where Back Office employees have all the customer data necessary to make decisions and handle the verification process in one place.

Such facilitation in accessing the platform allowed to speed up the process of issuing decisions. Thanks to the lack of a customer’s physical presence in the bank in order to formalize the contract for an installment loan, it is possible to reduce queues in branch offices and provide faster customer service. As a consequence, the employees’ involvement in the process is reduced, freeing them to involve in ranting more loans and accepting more applications.

An active marketing campaign can be improved by analyzing data collected from abandoned and rejected applications in the process.

For this purpose, key performance indicators (KPIs) for the process are collected and calculated, giving an insight into various stages of the process, for example in which stage the customer resigned.


As part of the solution, a process was implemented using WebMethods BPMS technology, which allows rapid development of software used to automate processes and grants support for many business aspects of such automation.

One of the functionalities of such a solution is the possibility of closing incomplete instances and continuing those that require re-contacting with the client. Thanks to the SOA architecture in the Client’s enterprise, it was possible to create a user authorization service and integrate it with external processes as well as a Document Management system and an external payment module.

A clear and intuitive user interface has been implemented for employees involved in the process. This was achieved by designing it with the target users of the process. In addition, a database containing applications was created in which data, for purposes of future reports, is recorded and stored. By storing necessary data, it is also possible to measure qualitative and quantitative data using various indicators.