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We’re Buzzing with Excitement to Launch the ‘DevOps Emerging Trends 2024’ Survey

By Andrew Stobierski  | December 2023

Hey there, DevOps dynamos and Release Management pros! Welcome CIOs, CTOs, and Architects! We’re buzzing with excitement to launch the ‘DevOps Emerging Trends 2024’ Survey. This isn’t just any survey; it’s your ticket to the forefront of where IT Excellence is the name of the game.  


Why jump in? Well, think of this survey as your express lane to the latest buzz in DevOps, Containerization, AI, Release Management, and Enterprise Architecture.

Here’s the deal: we’re inviting only the crème de la crème – seasoned pros and savvy managers who really know their stuff. So, you’re not just filling out a survey; you’re joining an elite club of experts, swapping insights, and sizing up your skills against the top dogs. Brought to you by us at Inteca, the whizzes in DevOps and Enterprise Architecture, we’re here to give you a backstage pass to all the cool, cutting-edge stuff in DevOps. 

Picture this: 9 thought-provoking questions that are more than just tick-boxes.

We’re talking AI in Code Maintainability, the magic of Automated Deployment, the art of Loosely Coupled Architecture, and the science of Trunk-Based Development. But wait, it gets better! You’re not just choosing options; you’re ranking them, and heck, if you’ve got more to say, we’re all ears. Your input, your rules. And about confidentiality? We’ve got it covered. Your insights go into the melting pot, and out comes a survey report for you in April 2024 — knowledge-packed, name-free. 

So, are you ready to leave your mark and join the league of extraordinary minds?

Let’s roll up our sleeves and dive in! Just click over to DevOps Emerging Trends 2024 Survey, and boom – you’re in! Oh, and here’s the kicker: it only takes 20 minutes to zip through it. Yep, you’ll be done before your coffee even cools down! 

And hey, I bet you’re itching to get a sneak peek at the questions 

No need to wait – check them out right here!


Flexible Infrastructure

Which elements of Flexible Infrastructure do you believe are most important for achieving DevOps excellence?  


Documentation Quality

What key characteristics of Documentation Quality do you consider crucial for achieving DevOps excellence and seamless project execution?  


AI in Code Maintainability

AI as a New Paradigm in Code Maintainability. Which AI-driven approaches do you consider most significant for ensuring long-term project success? 


Managing and Evolving Databases

Which elements of Managing and Evolving Databases do you think are vital for maintaining healthy DevOps lifecycles? 


Automated Deployment Processes

Which Automated Deployment Processes do you consider essential for ensuring consistent and reliable application delivery? 


Loosely Coupled Architecture

Which elements of Loosely Coupled Architecture do you think are most important in fostering the development of systems that are independent but integrable? 


Trunk-Based Development

Which Trunk-Based Development practices do you think are most effective in advocating for frequent merges into a single codebase (the ‘trunk’) to minimize integration issues and encourage fast, iterative development? 



Which measures in the development lifecycle do you think are most effective for implementing a Shift-Left approach to security? 


Change Approval

Which methods for automating and optimizing Change Approval do you consider most effective in ensuring rapid and reliable software releases? 

Survey Report 

Quick heads-up, the clock’s ticking – this survey wraps up on March 31, 2024. So, make sure you’re in before then! And the best part? We’ll be zipping the Survey Report straight to your inbox in mid-April 2024. You won’t want to miss that. 

Got Questions? 

No sweat! I’m Andrew Stobierski, your go-to DevOps Engagement Manager. Drop me a line at or give me a ring at +48.534.203.608. I’m here to help! 

About Us 

Oh, and just so you know, this whole shebang is organized and run by the cool folks at Inteca (check us out at, stationed at Kosciuszki 29, 50-011 Wroclaw, Poland. 

By way of introduction, we are a specialized DevOps consultancy for organizations where Site Reliability is non-negotiable. Our expertise spans strategies for containerized solutions, robust CI/CD implementation, a proactive approach to Security by Design, SSO, streamlined Release Management, and AI for DevOps. We partner with RedHat (OpenShift, Keycloak), GitLab and Sparx. Additionally, we excel in crafting microservice architectures and revitalizing legacy systems. Our client roster boasts esteemed entities in banking, finance, insurance, defense and utilities. 



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