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Revolutionize Your Modeling Workflow: Unleash the Power of Seamless Versioning and Release Management with Our Versioning Plugin for Sparx Enterprise Architect!

The Versioning Plugin for Sparx Enterprise Architect is a powerful add-in that revolutionizes model versioning and release management. It empowers users to work on multiple model versions concurrently within a single repository, offers a comprehensive suite of comparison tools, and provides advanced release management capabilities. With features like the Plateau Analyzer and automated post-release model updates, this plugin simplifies modeling workflows for teams handling complex modeling projects, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and seamless collaboration. 



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Maximize Efficiency, Ensure Consistency and Foster Collaboration: 

The Versioning Plugin for Enterprise Architect delivers a suite of benefits that streamline model management and enhance team productivity: 

Multiple versions of the model in a single repository
Multiple versions of the model in a single repository

Efficient Version Control

Manage multiple model versions within the same repository, saving time and reducing complexity.

Change release model

Simultaneous Collaborations

Multiple team members can work on different versions of a model concurrently, boosting productivity and preventing bottlenecks. 

Model Version Diff Tool

Accurate Change Tracking

Systematic version comparison tools, including visual differentiators, ensure changes are tracked accurately, reducing the risk of errors. 

Combined Release Architecture Report

Streamlined Release Processes

Map architectural changes to specific releases, sprints, or teams, and automatically generate relevant documentation and reports, enhancing project management and communication.

Release impact analysis

Dependency Management & Impact Analysis

Analyze and manage dependencies between versioned models and perform release impact analysis, allowing teams to anticipate and plan for the effects of changes within the model. 

Watch a short video presenting how the Versioning Plugin works.

How to start?

1. Download and install the Enterprise Architect Versioning Plugin. Read the installation manual to learn how to enable the Toolbar.

2. Create your first versioned model by adding a Package using the Model Wizard.

3. Select Versioning Model wizard.

4. Model the first version of your model.

5. Create new version of your model in case you’re working on the new project or release.

6. Compare models versions to track differences.

7. Follow documentation provided with our plugin to learn about advanced use cases like dependency & release management.

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Unlike baselining, which is more about capturing a state, the Versioning Plugin allows multiple versions of the same model to be actively worked on within the same repository. This facilitates parallel development and version comparison in real-time. Also the dependencies between various versioned models are tracked and managed.

No, you do not need an external version control tool like GIT or SVN to use the Enterprise Architect Versioning Plugin. The plugin is designed to enhance the versioning capabilities within Sparx Enterprise Architect itself. It allows you to manage multiple versions of your models directly within the Enterprise Architect repository.

Time Aware Modeling is more of a diagram based tool for visualising changes over time. It does not support actual elements versioning with respect to their identity. Changes of the element on the new version diagram will affect the old version. No version comparison is supported.
The Versioning Plugin works on the model level. Two versions of the same element actually coexist in the same repository.

The pricing for the plugin is 400 euros per seat per year for a subscription-based license.

ArchiMate, an open and independent modeling language for enterprise architecture, introduces the concept of “Plateaus” to represent different states or stages of an architecture within its lifecycle. The Versioning Plugin uses this moeling concept to model evolution of the models over time. The Plateaus could be mapped to Architecture transitions as well as other concepts like Projects, Releases, Teams.
The Plateau Analyzer, as part of the Versioning Plugin for Sparx Enterprise Architect, is a tool designed to analyze the model changes across different plateaus. This gives a power to answer questions like : “What changes are delivered by Project X?”, “What is the content of Release Y?”, “Do changes of Project X impact Component Z?”

No. The plugin does not enforce any notation. Plateau is the only concept used in ArchiMate as this is the best fitting concept from all modeling notations supported by Enterprise Architect. For simple projects and repositories you don’t even need to care about Plateaus.

It depends on what aspects your team is modeling. However we have predefined repository templates and accelerator packages for large repositories that could get you started.
Request a free consultation and we’ll be happy to discuss your case.

Yes, when you request a demo of the plugin, you will receive documentation and a demo to help you get started with the plugin.


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