Enterprise Architect OpenApi Plugin

Easily Create and Manage OpenAPI Specifications with Enterprise Architect

The Enterprise Architect OpenAPI plugin is a software tool that allows users to design and document their API-based systems more efficiently, by providing them with the ability to create, edit, and visualize API specifications within the Enterprise Architect environment. The plugin enables users to import and export OpenAPI (formerly known as Swagger) definitions within the Enterprise Architect modeling tool.

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Improved Efficiency, Better Governance, and Enhanced Documentation

Explore the benefits of Enterprise Architect OpenApi Plugin

The Enterprise Architect OpenAPI plugin allows teams to work with OpenAPI definitions using visual modeling, streamlining the API development process and ensuring consistency across different stages. With improved collaboration, detailed documentation, and validation using visual modeling techniques, the plugin helps teams design and deliver high-quality APIs with ease.

Project Browser

Improved collaboration

The plugin allows multiple users to work on API design and documentation in a centralized location, making it easier to collaborate and share information.

API Component model

Better documentation

The plugin allows users to visually create detailed documentation for their APIs, including information about endpoints, request and response formats, and authentication methods.

Domain model

Increased efficiency

The plugin allows leveraging existing domain and data models to simplify and streamline the work involved in designing and publishing APIs, allowing developers to focus on other tasks.

API Usage Scenario

Better understanding of API interactions

The plugin can be used to create visual representations of API and link them to models of API interactions, which can make it easier for developers and other stakeholders to understand how the API will work in practice.

Architecture Model

Integration with overall systems architecture

The plugin allows Enterprise Architect users to easily integrate API design and documentation into their overall systems & data architecture, which can help to ensure that the API is aligned with the organization’s data and interface models.

Release management

Better governance

By using the plugin, teams can ensure that they are following best practices, both industry and organization standards when designing their APIs also aligning with change management and version control policies.

Watch a short video presenting how the OpenAPI Plugin works.

How to start?

1. Download the Enterprise Architect OpenAPI Plugin

2. Create your first API model using the Wizard

OpenAPI Model Creation Wizard

3. You can also import your existing OpenAPI Specification from JSON/YAML to create the model representation.

Importing model from OpenAPI specification file

4. Start modeling you APIs by modeling the domain , interfaces and operations.

API Domain Model

5. Generate OpenAPI Specification files with one click.

Specification in YAML format


Yes, the plugin supports importing and exporting both OpenAPI 2 and 3 specifications.

Yes, the plugin can be used to generate OpenAPI 3.0 specification and OpenAPI 2.0 Swagger spec with comments that can be used as documentation.

Yes, you can find screenshots of the plugin in the user manual.

The pricing for the plugin is 400 euros per seat per year for a subscription-based license.

Yes, when you request a demo of the plugin, you will receive documentation and a demo to help you get started with the plugin.


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